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Siberian (Neva Masquerade) cattery "Velikii Ohotnik" was established in 2000 in Moscow by Ilminski Family.
Our kittens have found their new homes in Moscow, St. Petersburg, in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Chzech Republic, Canada, Finland and USA.
One of the most beautiful males- Dorofei Velikii Ohotnik for several years lives in a family of the third President of Russia, Mr. Dmitrii Medvedev. In 2010 another kitten joined him: Enisey Velikii Ohotnik....
Siberian cats are appreciated for their excellent appearance, strong health and unusually affectionate character, which is typical for Siberian colorpoints- Neva Masquerade breed.

In October of 2005 our cats were tested for PKD. result was negative, cats are O.K.
You can see the results
And here
You are always welcome to ask for any information and advices on Neva Masquerade breed in our cattery.

Kittens for booking and sale
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For sale: Regina Velikii Ohotnik, female, 3,5 months
Ines Sibirskaya Exotica
Tercia Velikii Ohotnik
Indigo Line Bright of Velikii Ohotnik
Istra Velikii Ohotnik
In memory of Arsenii and Iris
Dorofei Velikii Ohotnik, cat of Russian President
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